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An Untraditional Saga of Parenthood

The title belies the realty. The author demonstrates all the fatherly wisdom and nuance necessary to raise teenagers while remaining friends as they become adults. It was as funny as the last book on fatherhood that I read 20 years ago -- written by Bill Cosby.

-William K. Bragg

A Wonderful Book

A very well written book of parents, teenagers and ups and downs and lots of surprises. None call me Dad is an uplifting, funny and inspiring read. Raising teenagers isn’t also fun and anyone who has children becoming teenagers should really read this book and it can prepare you for a lot. You must read this book – you won’t regret it.

-Rita Fisher

A Great and Fun Read

Parenting is not easy especially with the free spirits of today. Funny, contemplative and sad in places, just like life. I found my self wondering what I would do in Ky's situations, I think he held up better than I as a father and friend. This is a must read for fathers of children entering young adulthood. A book my whole family thoroughly enjoyed.

-Lynn Alan Frye

Five Stars

Very good book about family life, their ups and downs. Well written.

-LouAnn Summers

Unique Voice

Ky has a unique writers voice and perspective that is compelling.

-Alex Macia


Awesome book, Ky Owen. It filled me with nostalgia and a bunch of awww's.

-Kaity Jo Lineberger

A Must Read

You are such a gifted and talented writer with an exceptional ability to share deeply personal stories of "real life" matters of human connection needs effectively and humorously. This book will resonate with so many!! It is a must read - to refresh the soul!!

-Ava Shawkins

An Evening with the Author

Thank you to Ky and Tammy for opening up to us about their experiences both in writing the book and in raising their children. [...] I highly recommend both the book and hosting the author for other book clubs!

-Vicki White Schafer


Every parent should read and take comfort! None Call Me Dad is an amazing and introspective look at modern parenting and blended families. Parenting is challenging, no matter what the make up of the family. This author gives an extraordinary insight into what it actually takes to parent children of all ages. Love and understanding, acceptance, someone to champion their causes even when it's terrifying. A great narrative and an easy read.

-Amazon Customer

A Quick, Funny, and Touching Read!

I recently finished reading the book None Call Me Dad by Ky Owen. I met Ky and his lovely wife, Tammy Johnson Owen through my work at JDRF. They live in Charleston, WV and have worked tirelessly as volunteers for JDRF for years. I was always fascinated by them and the very little I knew of their back story. After reading this book, I am in awe of their generosity, compassion and most of all their patience as parents.

Do yourself a favor and pick up None Call Me Dad as a Father's Day gift or just a quick, funny and touching read for yourself. You will be glad that you did! Kudos Ky!

-Lara Flister Daly

It takes a village...

I highly recommend this book to any parent or guardian, whether biological, blended, or otherwise. Parents to be will also appreciate the life lessons that can be learned in None Call Me Dad. The patience, love, wisdom and humor are evident in this family as they go through many events on this road of life. It takes a village to raise a child and in this book you will learn that you are not alone in your struggles as parents. Our world would be a much better place if more parents and adults caring for children embraced responsibility and parenthood as the Owen family. Thank you Ky and Tammy Owen!

-Denise Moss

A Great Read!

None Call Me Dad is a great read for any audience. Ky has always been my go to for advice since I started fostering children. This book is not only entertaining to read, but you can take events from it and apply them to your life as a parent raising children. It also shows what love Ky and his wife have for children/teens. I grew up knowing first knowing Ky as a basketball coach, but now he is a valuable friend! I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading.

-Amber Huffman

Truly Earning the Title of Dad!

In None Call Me Dad, Ky Owen shares the pride and pitfalls involved in coaching a child into adulthood. Well-written and smoothly paced, the book moves between the lives of six adolescents, all in need of a dad. Through his eyes, we watch as they struggle, grow, achieve, and fail. [...] Follow along as he stretches and grows along with his kids, and truly earns the title of “dad”.

-Melinda K. Henline, M.A., Licensed Psychologist

All the real family stuff!

If you have not read this pick up a copy today. So real to life you think you raising the kids. I have giggled probably way more than I should have at some Sierra's antics. Such an enjoyable read. Happy, sad, fun, heartache. All the real family stuff!

-Robin Neville Rogers

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