T1D Connections – as Vital as Insulin

This summer my wife and I experienced a reprise of “48 Hours,” the story in None Call Me Dad, about Aaron spending two days in the hospital because of an insulin pump malfunction. (Rather than saving our latest event, “48 Hours, Orlando,” for the sequel I’ve posted the story here.)

Type 1 diabetes has been part of our story since Aaron was admitted to Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Charleston on December 21, 2004. In those first days we leaned on other families with Type 1 kids and learned we were not alone. And we discovered that the butter drawer is a good place to store insulin.

We attended diabetes education programs sponsored by Children With Diabetes. It’s amazing to sit in a room full of parents and find out you’re not the only parent whose teenager “forgot” to check his blood glucose. And Aaron found out he was not alone. A lot of teens have hypersensitive moms.

We benefited from Camp Kno Koma, where Aaron was able to attend summer camp. He didn’t feel out of place — all the kids at camp had to prick their fingers and check their blood glucose level. Aaron deemed it one of the best weeks ever, and we recommend the camp to Type 1 families every year.

We’ve helped families connect and raise money to improve everyday diabetes management and take steps toward a cure with JDRF. This has also been an opportunity to educate families about diabetes issues ranging from counting carbohydrates to working with schools on 504 plans.

For Type 1 families, these connections are as vital as insulin.

In appreciation for all these groups do, I want to share links to the websites for Children With Diabetes, Camp Kno Koma, and JDRF. And if you know of anyone with a Type 1 kid in their family, please pass on the word!


Children with Diabetes
Camp Knokoma
Children with Diabetes (Facebook)
Camp Knokoma (Facebook)
JDRF.org (Facebook)
JDRF.org West Virginia (Facebook)

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